About Us

MERA Corporation is a Mexican Company that works as a matrix to more than 24 Brands and Gastronomic Concepts with presence in over 50 establishments, including Franchises, Fast Food & Quick Food Courts, Snack-Bars, Cafes, Food Carts and Own Brands.


The philosophy of MERA Corporation is simple "Everybody is responsible for his or her own success inside their restaurant" reason why training and developing of human resources has being been the number one priority within the group.


Remain as international leaders on the Food & Beverage industry, while being both socially and environmentally responsible, with an integrated group of professionals dedicated to give a unique and memorable experience, with products of the best quality, served with an exceptional and personalized service – one at a time – in a familiar environment.


To become the best company in the Food & Beverage industry around the world and the best option to any international brand with plans of business in Mexico.